What is Fullerenes?

What is fullerene?

Fullerene is a kind of carbon that exists in outer space.

Fullerenes also exist in outer space.

High-purity and safe fullerene that can be used on the human body and blended in cosmetics is the crystallization of Japanese technology.

Fullerenes are insoluble in water.

In fact, only a Japanese company in the world produces fullerene with an extremely high purity of 99.98% by making it soluble in water with advanced technology.

And since we have patents in Europe, America, and China, only a Japanese company can make it.

In other words, fullerene is not just a raw material for cosmetics, but a crystallization of Japan's extremely high technological capabilities.

Furthermore, the fullerene used in cosmetics is made from Japanese cedar.

Fullerene is made from Japanese cedar.

What is Oxidation?

Now, before explaining fullerenes, I must first explain oxidation.

This is something that is already familiar, but it is the so-called rust. It is a phenomenon that occurs when some substance combines with oxygen. When iron and oxygen combine, it becomes iron oxide, so-called rust. The discoloration of apples is also a form of oxidation.


why oxidize?

active oxygen

Active oxygen is said to be the cause of oxidation. It's an unfamiliar word, but active oxygen is a compound that causes oxygen molecules in the air to react more violently. This causes oxidation.

Does Oxidation Affect Your Skin?

Does Oxidation Affect Your Skin?

Of course, the active oxygen that causes this oxidation also affects the skin. However, our bodies are naturally equipped with a function to decompose active oxygen and remove it properly. However, its function declines with age.
For example, wrinkles and sagging are caused by a decrease in collagen in the skin, but active oxygen activates the enzyme that breaks down collagen, in other words, it motivates the skin to break down collagen.

Collagen for young and aged skin

When you are young, the amount of collagen produced inside your skin is large, so even if some active oxygen is generated, there is no particular problem. When the amount of decomposition increases, it will appear as wrinkles and sagging.

So, oxidation has a strong impact on the skin.

Then why is active oxygen generated in the skin?

Why is active oxygen generated in the skin?

The causes of active oxygen are said to be UV rays, stress, and smoking . UV rays are the most obvious, aren't they?

You must have felt that the spots have become noticeable after being exposed to UV rays at the sea or in the mountains during the leisure season.

In Europe, there are many people who sunbathe without any protection. There are many women who want to get a tan in the summer, and I often see people who have a bright red tan on their face and whole body.

What causes skin aging? Aging with light?

What is photoaging?

Quoted from “Photoaging” Awareness Project Committee https://www.hikari-rouka.org

Recently, there is a word called " photoaging " that has become a hot topic little by little.

Photoaging is a process in which the face and backs of the hands are moderately exposed to sunlight, including ultraviolet rays (about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the season and region). Helps maintain. However, long-term, unprotected exposure to the sun can cause photoaging of the skin.

Photoaging of the skin is different from natural (physiological) aging that occurs with age. may also occur.

In other words, overexposure to the sun will age your skin. It seems to be this way.

For more information, please visit the website of the "Photoaging" Enlightenment Project Committee.

How to remove active oxygen?

use antioxidants

Well, is there a way to remove the active oxygen that has been made?

using antioxidants.

Vitamin C

Famous examples include vitamin C, vitamin E, catechins, and coenzyme Q10. These give their own hydrogen and quickly remove active oxygen, but they are also oxidized and their antioxidant power disappears. It has excellent antioxidant power, but it is short-distance runner type because it does not last long.

lycopene, astaxanthin

The second most famous are astaxanthin and lycopene, which remove active oxygen by absorbing its energy. However, since it gradually decomposes itself, its antioxidant capacity gradually decreases.

Fullerene appears here

Now, here comes fullerene. This fullerene has quite unique properties.

Unlike other antioxidants, fullerene adsorbs active oxygen, decomposes it, and removes it. Fullerene is a very stable component and has the characteristic of being difficult to change itself, and it stably removes active oxygen for a long time like a marathoner type. There is data that the duration is 20 hours.

Surprisingly, there is data that its antioxidant power is 250 times higher than that of other antioxidants (vitamin C) .

Use antioxidants to remove active oxygen, especially fullerene is effective

So what should we do after all?

UV rays accelerate aging

Well, roughly

"Overexposure to UV rays → Active oxygen is generated in the skin → Skin aging progresses"

So I think I've been able to see it somehow. If you ask an expert, you might get scolded that it's not that simple. . .

Use sunscreen and antioxidant cosmetics


・Use sunscreen, etc. to avoid exposure to UV rays

・Use cosmetics containing antioxidant ingredients (especially fullerene is effective) instead of moisturizing cosmetics

Well, the main topic is what is fullerene?

Fullerene is not collagen.

If you've heard of fullerene, you're probably already an expert in anti-aging cosmetics, but many people probably still don't know what fullerene is. I know if it's collagen, but I think it's a feeling.

Fullerene is a kind of antioxidant.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this fullerene is actually a purely domestic raw material developed by a Japanese company using Japan's world-class patented technology.

It is a raw material made from 100% domestic cedar.

Why should you choose fullerene-containing cosmetics?

Synergistic effect of fullerene

In fact, vitamin C and vitamin E are effective against a specific type of active oxygen (in fact, there are various types), while fullerene is effective against typical active oxygen. I already know.
In addition, a higher synergistic effect can be expected by combining antioxidants with different antioxidant mechanisms.

Concentration is important for fullerene

In addition, the concentration of fullerene is also important .
The data confirms that the effect increases in proportion to the concentration.

How to choose fullerene cosmetics

A combination of fullerene and other antioxidants It is better to choose a product with a high fullerene concentration (%) as much as possible.


"Overexposure to UV rays → Active oxygen is generated in the skin → Skin aging progresses"

As I said, active oxygen is

It causes skin problems such as wrinkles, spots, and sagging.

If the cause is cut off from the source, a total approach can be taken against aging.