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A cosmetics company that goes its own way while fighting  between the ideal and the reality, which is the right one, "create really great products with high ingredients cost products" vs. "products that have been successful in marketing and advertising".


Nice to meet you, everyone.
I am Takeshi Matsushita, CEO of REGINA LOCUS MEN Co., Ltd.

Born into a family of beauty salons, I grew up with beauty related atmosphere from a young age. However, I didn't want to do the same thing as other people, and I had a personality that I would call it "Amanojaku", so I didn't become a beautician and went in a completely different direction.

In the end, I went around and started a cosmetics company that was directly related to beauty, but there were many twists and turns.

There is a saying in the world that "making a good product doesn't necessarily mean it will sell, rather, it's better to advertise well".

However, I was born to be an eccentric, or rather, a devilish type of person, so I enthusiastically said, "Okay, I'll prove that you can sell just by making a really good product!" We created and sold highly effective anti-aging cosmetics by throwing in a large amount of raw materials.

"If you make a good product, it will sell!"

It will not sell at all when it goes on sale. But after one year, the number of customers has increased little by little. Even if it's not 0, it's possible to sell, but we can only sell the amount that we can't make a living.

Of course, we received a lot of compliments from customers who purchased it, saying, "This is really good! I will continue to use it!"

During the three and four years of sales, we were blessed with customers, sales increased steadily, and the number of production also increased.

"If you make a good product, it will sell!"

However! The cost is too high, and the more you sell, the more you produce, and the company runs out of money!

Well, I don't get paid for myself at all. . .


At that time, Corona came.

It mercilessly blew up the cosmetics industry. Many companies went bankrupt, and ours was no exception.

We believed that if we made good products, they would sell, and we had continued to make products that benefit our customers.

At that time, I thought, "Even if you make a good product, it doesn't sell well. Rather, it's better to advertise well."

Those words came to mind.

Was my policy wrong?
There were times when I worried about that.

It's this time of year, so let's put out something low-priced. I introduced various products and repeated trial and error.

In 2022, when Corona was approaching its third year, an old customer said, "I want you to release outstanding products like before. please make it
I received an email saying.

“If you make a good product, it will sell!”

No, as long as we can help our customers, that's fine.

Returning to the origin, making a completely different product once again, trying to make the best aging care in Japan.

We are a small company with motivation but lack of funds.

Focusing on one product with devotion to each product,

By gradually increasing the number of fans

“If you make a good product, it will sell!”

I will prove that.


I am such a strange person,

Ignore all marketing and trends

We are developing products.


However, creating products that impress customers

I put my heart and soul into it

A small cosmetics company, that is REGINA LOCUS MEN.



Create a society where "if you make a good product, it will sell."

Provide the best value to society and raise the value of the world.



To become a pioneer who always provides the best products and the best value, so that “I want to buy good things = Let’s take a look at REGINA LOCUS MEN”.




Representative Director Takeshi Matsushita

I'm dog lover.

I love fashion, overseas travel, and gourmet food.